Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

         We are use to having something go wrong in our lives on a regular basis, but every once in a while a tsunami of  frustration descends on us in short order. Not long ago I had the privilege of experiencing such a day.

          I had just received a bill for $1,500 from my wife's health care provider. It was supposed to be covered by insurance. I called the provider. Not their problem. I called the secondary insurer. Nothing to see here. I called Medicare. It's our problem but it's not our problem. Glitch in the system.

          I try to open e-mail for an important insurance document but the system is down. Attempting to get in three different ways is fruitless. The message says,  "We are sorry for the inconvenience. We appreciate your patience." Yeah, well I'd appreciate them hot footing it back on line.

          So, guess this is a good time to cut the grass. Only the riding mower won't start. Dead battery, assume it's bad. I call the battery store. No replacement in stock.  The lawn is screaming, "Cut me!"

          I go out the side gate to get to the garage to look for a battery charger. The gate won't shut properly. First time this has happened. I examine the gate. Repairs will require a socket wrench, a hammer and a lot of elbow grease.

          Maybe I can lower my blood pressure by doing something fun. I will print out a picture of our dog to send to a friend. I put photo paper in the printer tray. Hit print. Message reads, "Error, add paper to tray." I just did that. Add more paper. Hit print again.  Same message. Aaarghh!!

          So, do I just crawl in a hole and curse my existence? Might have been a short term solution, but I have to consider the long game.  Stuff happens; deal with it.  God is on my side.

          Turns out Medicare will send me paperwork which, theoretically, solves our billing problem. A modicum of hope.  The e-mail is back on line, but I still don't accept their apology. Under a pile of stuff in the garage, I find the battery charger.  Can cut the lawn in a few hours. Fix the gate in twenty minutes.  Good for a few hundred more swings. While the printer is still saying, "Add paper," I discover another way to print the dog picture using a 4X6 inch setting.

          Thus, the day has been somewhat redeemed. I get a celebratory soda out of the fridge. Only one left. Pop the tab. The pull part breaks off without opening the can. Terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.