From Digging For Bones - 2011

 What if John Wayne

"Courage is being scared to death but saddling up anyway”   John Wayne

 What if John Wayne

had been in the Macy’s

Thanksgiving Day Parade

slapping the reins on

a huge stagecoach float

surrounded by Sioux

Indians riding stick horses

and waving pictures of

George Armstrong Custer.


What if John Wayne

didn’t die at the Alamo

but instead went after

the Mexican drug lords

his Winchester blasting

away piles of heroin

cocaine and amphetamines

the bad guys fleeing

Juarez, Nogales and Tijuana

like so many cucarachas.


What if John Wayne

had made a movie

with Clint Eastwood

The Dukeand

The Man With No Name

their faces grim

riding side by side

into some corrupt

company town

the “bought” sheriff

laughing at the newcomers

until he draws first and

is turned into swiss cheese.


What if John Wayne

were still tracking

some barely clad

female pop icon


for continually foisting

lousy vocals and a miserable

life style on a suspecting

public, the girl finally freed

when John threatens to blare

singing cowboy songs into

the captors’ hidden lair.


What if John Wayne

could now take America

on his broad shoulders

and carry us across

rivers and prairies to

that sacred place where

honesty and respect

are a given and

the sky at sunrise

is streaked

with possibility.